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Dear JRSO’s

Welcome to your new job as a Junior Road Safety Officer representing your school in the Rutland JRSO scheme this year. This job will be for the 6 terms starting in 2015 and finishing in July 2016. On average 37 children are killed or seriously injured on the roads in England. This may be when they are in cars or walking crossing roads, riding their bikes or scooters or playing out.

You will have the very important job of continually reminding everyone in your school about various road safety issues throughout the year and therefore keeping everyone much safer. It could well be that something you say or something you do may even be able to prevent someone having a road accident.

Remember that you should always set a good example when you are walking to school, riding in cars and buses, playing out or riding your bike. Otherwise the other children in your school will not take any notice of anything you say and do.